Athlete Information
General Information
  • Sport: Baseball
  • Jersey Number: 11
  • Positions: CF, C, 2B, P
  • Club Team: Desert Dawgs 16u
  • Town: Phoenix, AZ
  • Birth Date: November 10, 1999
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 129 Lbs
  • Bench Press: 80 Lbs
  • Squat: 100 Lbs
  • Academic Interest (Major): International Business or Engineering
  • Graduation Year: 2018
  • School: Brophy College Preparatory
  • GPA: 3.38 unweighted, 3.74 weighted
: 18 years old
: (623) 565-6062

About this athlete...



-Accepted to Brophy with Distinction

-Nominated for the following: National Youth Leadership Forum of National Security, Diplomacy, Intelligence, and Defense; Congressional Leadership Conference; and the National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists.



I am a freshman at Brophy College Preparatory. I scored in the top 10% of all freshman taking the entry exam and was accepted with distinction. Regarding academics, I have chosen one of the most difficult series of classes available to freshmen such as; Mandarin for Language, Honors Algebra/Geometry, AP World History, Honors Biology, and Honors English 1. So far I am successfully managing this academic load while playing freshman football and club baseball. In February I intent to tryout for the freshman baseball team. My GPA for the 1st semester was 3.38 unweighted and 3.74 weighted. I am proud to have maintained a high GPA while competing in such a challenging academic and athletic environment.

Moreover, for baseball I have played my whole life starting at 5 years of age. I initially started playing travel club baseball when I was 7 years old and continue to play it today 10 months out of the year with Desert Dawgs 16u Elite. When I first started playing I was an outfielder and a second baseman who wanted to challenge myself so I decided to try catching. With my coaches throughout the years I have worked becoming proficient at 3 positions, CF, C, and 2B. However, out of those three positions I have decided to develop skills; I claim CF as my primary position because I love the running, the challenges of the position, and I feel it is one of the most important positions as the fellow players start to become more proficient in their hitting skills. Likewise for my hitting I have worked throughout the years to become a smart hitter utilizing my speed instead of a slow power hitter; I tend use bunting as well as forcing the ball to the right side of the field to assist in advancing the runners into scoring position. When I do get on the bag my coach normally has me steal to get me into scoring position if I am not there already. I have recently begun working on increasing my skill level in pitching; I have a fresh arm that has rarely pitched, has been taking lessons, and has been working on gaining more and more arm strength.

In addition to what I have mentioned above, I would like to tell you about some accolades I have received academically and athletically. For athletic accolades my team and

I have received numerous USSSA awards for winning tournaments. For academic I have also received many accolades from my teachers. Most recently I have received 2 nominations for my academic performance from The National Youth Leadership Forum National Security, Diplomacy, Intelligence, and Defense, and The National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists. In the past I have received accolades such as: senior altar server, National Junior Honors Society, and a Congressional Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. During my career at Brophy College Preparatory, I would like to join more honorary clubs such as National Honors Society.

Finally, I would like to mention my favorite hobbies and service that I do during my free time. For hobbies I enjoy working out, playing sports, socializing with friends, and playing video games in my spare time. However, I also do community service as part of my free time as well. For community service I go to Saint Mary’s Food Bank, various school wide events, and tutor younger children. As I grow more into adulthood I would like to continue to help the less fortunate and others around me when I can in my busy life.