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The Scholarship Dream

Every young athlete and their parents have the common goal of an athletic scholarship to play college athletics, but how do these families help make that dream a reality? That's where Reel Recruits comes in.

Full Marketing Services

We will be the vehicle that drives your student to college coaches. We offer professional filming/editing, education of recruiting, and marketing services. All of our recruiters have sports backgrounds and have been trained to answer all questions regarding the recruiting process, and all of our videographers are former employees at local TV News stations.

National Exposure

Founded in 2011, Reel Recruits began in Grand Junction, Colorado. Due to the passion and dedication of our team members, Reel Recruits successfully helped more than 100 high school athletes get recruited in a matter of 4 short years. And we continue to grow to this day! Reel Recruits services athletes all across the western region; from Phoenix, AZ to Fresno, CA to Las Vegas, NV, and all of Colorado. But despite being local in those four locations, Reel Recruits can help athletes nationwide.

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About The Recruiters

Kyle Stanley - President/Head Recruiter (CA & AZ)

Kyle Stanley is the owner and founder of Reel Recruits. In 2011 (while also working as a sports broadcaster for the local NBC station), Kyle began Reel Recruits in Grand Junction, Colorado with the hope of helping a few local athletes by making them a professional recruiting video. From there, Kyle was able to find out that he had the connections and passion to do more to help high school athletes reach their dream. From there, Kyle left NBC and took on Reel Recruits full time. He moved Reel Recruits to Phoenix, AZ in January of 2013 and immediately saw success. "It's amazing to see where this has gone in two short years," says Kyle. "It's grown further in two years than I ever thought it would, and the most important thing is that it works! We are seeing results from every athlete that we sign up." Kyle has bigger goals for Reel Recruits and their athletes on a regional and nation-wide basis.

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Phil Stafford - VP/Head Recruiter (CO)

If ESPN isn't on the television set or the computer monitor, it's because Phil isn't in the room.  During his youth, he participated in just about every sport you can imagine -- football, baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, track/field, and even rugby!  When Phil graduated high school, he knew he wouldn't be happy without a career in sports.  That mindset led him to a degree in Television Production/Broadcasting from Ithaca College, which he put to use as a sports reporter and anchor for the NBC-affiliate in western Colorado.  As a native of Denver, covering sports in his hometown state was a thrill, but it also gave him a first-hand view to see many talented and successful student-athletes failing to secure scholarship opportunities at the collegiate level.  

That's where Reel Recruits came into the picture. Now Phil works with his former broadcasting co-host, and Reel Recruits president, Kyle Stanley to utilize their vast knowledge of sports, video/production skills, and college recruiting connections to make sure student-athletes get the exposure they need to get recruited.  
"It's a great feeling knowing that my job and what we do at Reel Recruits can change a person's life - and change their family's lives - all for the better," he says. 


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Ryan Williams - Videographer (AZ)

Ryan Williams is a former DII catcher. Along with baseball, Ryan also played football and golf in high school. As a sports fanatic, there isn’t a sporting event Ryan won’t tune in to watch.

Originally from Illinois, Ryan is a diehard Chicago sports fan. While his sports knowledge and experience is vast, his passion is, and will always be, baseball. One of Ryan’s goals is to get to every Major League Baseball stadium, and with only five to go, he’s getting close!

Ryan graduated from Grand Canyon University and came out with a degree in Sports Management. Shooting and editing sporting events high school, as well as broadcasting games, made him realize that he wanted a career in sports. Ryan has been to a few different colleges in his athletic career, and knows how the process works better than most. “Reel Recruits gives me the chance to help a kid reach their dream, and in my opinion, everyone deserves to see their dream become a reality. I would give anything to go back in time and slow down the process and ask for help. The fact that I can help an athlete who might not be getting the exposure he or she deserves, is what drives me to be the best recruiter I can be.”


Colton Little - Recruiter (CO)

Athletics have been a huge part of Colton’s life since he was just learning to walk. Having participated in football, basketball and baseball growing up and a native to Colorado, he decided to further his baseball career at Colorado Mesa University where he earned an athletic scholarship to play baseball.

In the four years at Colorado Mesa University, Colton majored in Mass Communications with a concentration in T.V. Broadcasting. He was the S.A.A.C (Student Athletic Advisory Committee) President for 2 years and had his hand in multiple other extracurricular programs.  Colton now wants to pass on his experience to other college-hopeful athletes. Having many family members and friends go through the recruiting process, he knows how hard and taxing it can be not just for the student-athlete, but for the family as well. He is pleased to be alongside the team at Reel Recruits and hopes to help athletes succeed at what they love: Sports.


Kyle Phil Ryan Colton

Our Services

What Can Reel Recruits Do for Athletes?


Film and edit professional recruiting videos (our employees are former TV News employees)

1-on-1 Recruiting Guidance

Hire a dedicated recruiter to advise you from day 1 until you sign with a college!

Education and Guidance

Educate athletes on the recruiting process

Nationwide Database

Provide a library of every college coach's contact in the nation, both phone number and email address

Maximum exposure to college coaches

We use CSA Prepstar as our way of marketing our top athletes. CSA has a 30+ year reputation with college coaches

The RR Mobile App

Provide a low-cost, recruiting tool with the Reel Recruits Mobile App

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